May 16

What To Expect at Your First Guitar Lesson


The guitar is a popular and well-loved instrument that many people dream of playing. It allows you to express yourself through music and create beautiful melodies. As you prepare for your first lesson, you may feel nervous and wonder what will happen. Delve into what you should expect at your first guitar lesson so that you can remain focused on the excitement of learning to play this instrument.

Explaining Your Current Ability

During your first lesson, your teacher will want to know your general experience with the guitar and musical instruments. If you have dabbled in guitar playing or possess some musical knowledge, discuss this with the instructor.

Conversely, if you know little to nothing about playing music, tell your teacher this: there’s no reason to feel embarrassed. Remember, a guitar player starts somewhere, and your teacher is there to guide you.

Having a candid conversation sets the foundation for personalized instruction. By understanding your starting point, your teacher can craft lesson plans that are neither too challenging nor too simplistic, ensuring a fulfilling and progress-rich learning experience.

Discussing Your Musical Goals

Another thing to expect during your first guitar lesson is a conversation about your musical aspirations. Do you dream of mastering classical guitar, or are you more inclined to the rhythmic strums of folk music? Or maybe the electric energy of rock ‘n’ roll is what calls to you.

Articulating your goals helps you navigate the vast sea of musical genres and techniques. Playing guitar isn’t just about the notes and chords; it’s about finding your voice in the melody.

Pro Tip

In the days before your lesson, ask yourself why you want to play guitar and what genre of music you want to learn. Note this information and bring it to your teacher during the lesson to help them understand your musical objectives.

Learning Some Basics of Guitar

With the preliminaries out of the way, you can now get acquainted with your guitar. Before you even pluck a string, there’s a world of basics to uncover. You’ll learn about the different parts of the guitar, such as the frets, strings, and tuning pegs.

Additionally, your teacher will guide you through the correct way to hold the guitar, position your fingers, and even strum and pick the strings for the first time. These fundamentals might not produce music right away, but they are the building blocks to learning how to play guitar.

Depending on your experience level, you may also go over a few notes or chords. These are the foundation of any song, and your teacher will ensure you know how to play them correctly.

A Journey Begins

Your first guitar lesson is the first step in a journey that promises growth, challenges, and, most importantly, the joy of making music. By working closely with your teacher and remaining committed to practice, you’ll steadily improve your skills and strive toward your musical goals.

G4 Guitar Schools offers guitar lessons in Brooklyn, NY, and the surrounding area. Our skilled teachers can help students of all skill levels and age groups. No matter where you currently stand in your musical journey, our experienced instructors can help you become a better musician.


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